Pre-Order Updates (March 02)

Pre-Order Updates

The staff at large are working around the clock in a scheduled manner to continue providing officially translated works. With the ongoing situation around COVID-19, we have had some major drawbacks the first time around, but with help from management, we were able to work more efficiently.

Book Updates (Volume 1 Complete)

- Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry
- A Villainess for the Tyrant
- My Sweet Heart
- Chronicles of the Kilner Family
- The Male Lead Is Mine
- Look at Me

Each volume will have approximately 55k-65k translated English words which is the typical average length of a light novel. Though the translation is complete, it is not necessarily so for content editing.

Books Sent For Professional Edits.

- Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry Vol. 1
- A Villainess for the Tyrant Vol. 1
- Chronicles of the Kilner Family Vol. 1

Upon completion of the webnovel edition (translation and edits), the works are then sent to publishing editors for professional edits and proper formatting for print and digital e-book publication.

Our earliest expected ETA for the release of the digital e-book edition is geared at the end of this month for Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry! while others are slotted for spring and summer releases. Once the the e-book edition is officially released, our team will be working alongside our partners to produce the printed edition. The expected launch for the printed works should be around mid-fall to late-winter.

We will have monthly announcement to keep you up to date.

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